Wednesday, January 3, 2018

Two for One Membership!!

To spur on your business to start the new year, Watkins is also offering another incentive for those who join Watkins in January 2018. Watkins will give all new Consultants two years of membership for the price of one!

You read that correctly, when your new Consultant joins Watkins for $29.95, they will get a full two year's of membership paid for. Instead of having to pay a $29.95 renewal fee in January of 2019, they will be paid up until January of 2020!

No details on this promotion are really necessary. Everything is done automatically. Your recruiting website is already updated with the information. Your job is to spread the word!

Right now is when millions of Americans and Canadians are making resolutions to improve their finances in 2018. They are ready and waiting for an opportunity like Watkins!

Sign up!

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