Monday, January 15, 2018

Sell Watkins - Consultants Needed!

For those who join Watkins in January 2018. Watkins will give all new Consultants two years of membership for the price of one!
Have you thought about what you would do if you lost your job? Do you have a plan B? Why not give Watkins a try?

Start the new year with a new adventure!!!

No monthly quotas or auto-ships.
A business with Watkins offers you all this:
Residual Income (earn money even when you choose to take time off)
• Excellent income and bonuses for your efforts
• In-demand Products (with almost 150 years of heritage)
• You get to choose how you want to build your business
• Completely Flexible Hours (leaves time for what’s truly important in your life)
• Do as much or as little as makes sense for you at any point (never any pressure)
• Ultra-low Start-Up Costs
• Free Training and Support
• Great Friendship and Fun
Get all the FREE details.
We are always looking for new distributors!
Renee - Watkins Independent Bronze Manager Associate #398265