Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Scent up your room the natural way with JR Watkins Room Sprays

J.R. Watkins Room Sprays
J.R. Watkins Room Refreshers

 J.R. Watkins Room Sprays

Eliminate odors in every room of your home with a light mist of our essential oil room fresheners. Our natural formulas create a delightful, long-lasting ambiance. Each spray bottle contains more than 600 sprays.

Rooms in your home aren’t the only thing that need freshening – keep a room freshener in the car, in the office or in your locker at the gym.

Scents Available

Lemon - Need a pick-me-up? Let the citrus, clean scent of lemon bring summer to your senses any time of the year.

Aloe & Green Tea - The clean, fresh scent of aloe and green tea refreshes your mood and helps you focus. It’s like strolling through a sunny meadow at the first sign of spring.

Lavender - Whether this wonderful, nostalgic fragrance makes you think of your grandmother’s linens or dainty purple flowers against a bright blue sky, lavender soothes and refreshes—just perfect when you want to reset and unwind. How can something detoxifying be so intoxicating?

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